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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial cleaning services vary by company.  To give you a better understanding of how WeKleen services its customers, we’ve provided you with responses to inquiries we often receive.

Q. How often does WeKleen service a facility?

A. WeKleen clients determine the frequency of their service. Because WeKleen offers customized solutions, clients can choose a service schedule that fits their needs. Facilities can be serviced on a daily or weekly basis. We also provide 24-hour service upon request.

Q. Are WeKleen janitorial technicians supervised?

A. Yes. For quality assurance, a crew supervisor is assigned to each facility. These supervisors conduct weekly facility checks and consult with clients each month to ensure quality control.

Q. Will the same janitorial crew or technician service our facility each time?

A. Yes. To provide optimal customer care, we maintain the same crew at each facility. By assigning a permanent crew to each site, our janitorial technicians develop an understanding of the site’s specific cleaning needs and can service it more efficiently. The size and composition of each janitorial crew is determined by the size of the facility and the scope of work to be performed.

Q. Are WeKleen employees pre-screened?

A. Yes. WeKleen employees undergo a thorough background check during the application and hiring process. This includes a check for criminal history, a verification of employment history, personal reference checks, and drug testing.

Q. Do all of your cleaning technicians speak English?

A. Yes. Fluency in English is a requirement at WeKleen. In addition, many of our janitorial technicians are bilingual and speak English and Spanish.

Q. Is exterior window cleaning included in WeKleen's standard office-cleaning package?

A. No, but the option is available. The cleaning of exterior windows can be added to a customized cleaning solution. Note that interior windows and glass doors are included in the standard package. Review WeKleen Solutions for a list of all standard and specialized cleaning services.

Q. Our office has an employee kitchen and lounge. Does your standard office-cleaning package include cleaning these areas?

A. Yes. Employee lounges and kitchens are included in our standard package. The WeKleen Solutions section describes how we clean office kitchens and restrooms.

Q. What green products does WeKleen use?

A. WeKleen uses a variety of certified Green Seal™ products, including clean air vacs, EcoLogo® approved recycled and post consumer waste (PCW) paper products, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Review WeKleen Green to learn more about our cleaning green solution.

Q. How can I join the WeKleen team?

A. WeKleen is always looking for hardworking and conscientious janitorial technicians. A preliminary employment application can be submitted through our web site. If we have a need for your skills and background, you will be contacted for an interview.
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